Project Description

Introduction of Cold Rolled Sheet Processes

Cold rolled sheet processes products with advantages of good finishing and easily formed can be  widely used in Automobiles, Refrigreators, Washing machines, Industrial equipments, and all kinds of building materials.

Cold rolled production line is running in the form of 4 convertible roller in single framework. The material: Lower Carbon steel (CQ, DQ, DDQ), Lower Carbon high tensile steel (Q195, Q235, Q345), SHLA steel, deep drawing steel and IF steel. Covers thickness: 0.23 to 1.50mm, width: 700 to 1250mm.


Furnaces heat the steel to pre-specified temperatures, typically around 1200 degrees Fahrenheit, that allow the individual iron crystals to re-grow. This heat treatment is known as annealing, and relieves the high stresses imparted to the steel during cold reduction, softening the material and roughly restoring the forming properties that were present after hot-rolling. Certain products, as necessary, are processed at a unit called the “cleaner” prior to annealing to coat the sheet with a protective chemical film, to remove any heavy deposits from the steel, or to prepare the strip in any other way necessary for the heattreat operation.

The annealed steel is temper rolled to further flatten the product and to stiffen the steel slightly so it will bend uniformly when customers form it into finished products. The product’s final surface texture is also applied here. Many cold-roll products ship after processing at the temper mill, where the coil is inspected, weighed, its length is measured, and it can be coated in oil and split to make customer weight requirements.

The detailed Processes of Cold Rolled Sheet

Cleaner  ● Annealing    ● Building a Charge    ● Firing the Charge    ● Cooling the Charge

● Temper Mill    ● Preparation and Threading    ● Tail-out and Inspection