Wuhan Iron and Steel removed two steel-making furnace in past two months

Reporter visited steel making furnace.

November 9, 2016, the reporter walked a few hundred meters from the door of the Wuhan Iron and Steel Company Castle Peak factory, then he went to the second floor, opening the door on the right side, just seeing a row of steel making furnace.The No. 3 furnace has just been removed, and leaving an empty workshop.

In 2016, “Reducing the production capacity” becomes the central economic mission of China, that means the steel industry have to reduce its’ output. “Produce more and Produce with high quality” is the history mission of Wuhan Iron and Steel, but “Reducing the production capacity” is also a new national mission,” the furnace technician – Zhou Wenjin said.

Remove steel making furnace forever

This is the first time that Wuhan Iron and Steel just removes the furnace but not rebuilding. Wuhan Iron and Steel is the fist new iron and steel joint venture in China, known as the “eldest son of steel” of China. Wuhan Iron and Steel produced total more than 300 million tons of steel.


Wuhan Iron and Steel’s No. 3 furnace can output annual 900,000 tons of steel every year, putting into operation in the late 70s of last century, and stopped production early this year. Demolition work begins from October 19, split the bottom, cutting the body of the furnace, and each dismantled parts were photographed. Before that, the No. 2 furnace has stopped production at Augest 27, then removed.

At present, Wuhan Iron and Steel has been basically completed the Corporate Restructuring with the reorganization of Baosteel – forming the second-largest steel enterprise – Bao Wu Group in the world. And they will achieve the “global leader in the steel industry,” Bao Wu Group official said.

Heavy Mission – Reducing Huge Output

In the middle of last year, Wuhan Iron and Steel has started a plan – “Eliminate backward production capacity”, and taking the initiative to reduce steel production capacity of 4.42 million tons this year. Revealed minister said that the State – owned enterprises have to complete the mission that reducing production capacity of 7.19 million tons this year, and Wuhan Iron and Steel has been completed already.