We Are Professional Steel Manufacturer

Professional Steel Products Manufacturer. Ruijie Steel is a manufacturer of Carbon steel Materials, and can supply the purchasers with Carbon Steel Pipe, Steel Coils, Steel Plates, as well as Steel Purlin. In addition, We established factory in Tianjin and Heilongjiang Provinces in China for steel pipes, Heating and Refining Production.

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We Show More About us

More about our company. Ruijie Steel has a huge enterprise group of quality service and continual improvement. We have some Subsidiaries (trading company and factory) in China, besides, you can visit our factory or company at any time you like. Learn more here.

More about our Excellent Work Team. Dedication to the customer starts with the management team. We have ten foreign trade clerks in our trading company, and they can reply to inquiry as soon as possible. Learn more about Ruijie Steel’ senior leadership team here.

More about our certificates. Ruijie Steel has achieved the ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001, ISO18001,SGS and API certificates demonstrating dedication to constant improvement. Learn more here.