Ruijie Steel can supply hot dipped galvanized pipe (HDG) and pre-galvanized pipe, used for fluid (water) transportation, scaffolding, structure and etc, so you are decide which type is better for your construction project after reading the introdution.

galvanized pipe

Hot dipped galvanized steel pipe (HDG)  is made by carbon steel pipe coated with thick zinc layer. And this zinc layer protects the inner steel pipe from Oxidized and rusted. HDG steel pipe is always used for fluid (water) transport, scaffolding frame, structure pipe and decorative pipe.

Pre galvanized steel pipe is difference from HDG pipe on production process. Pre galvanized pipe is made by narrow steel strip coated (this coated process is also HDG) before fabrication. And this coating is generally thinner than hot dipped galvanized. Also the steel strip is thin (1.0 mm~2.0 mm). The cost of pre galvanized pipe is lower than HDG pipe, and the pre galvanized pipe is also can be used for fluid (water) transport, conduit pipe, scaffolding pipe and decorative pipe etc.

Standard Carbon Steel Pipe Specifications & Grades

Hot Dipped Galvanized Steel PipeHDG

  • Round, Square and Rectangualr hollow sections
  • Wall thickness – 1.0 mm-5.0 mm
  • Q235, Q235B
  • Seam – electric resistance welding, seamless

Steel Strip Pipe – Pre-Galvanized Steel Pipe

  • Round, Square and Rectangualr hollow sections
  • Wall thickness – 1.0 mm-2.0 mm
  • Q235, Q235B
  • Seam: electric resistance welding

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