RUIJIE Steel’s C and Z shape steel purlins are cost effective members. Manufactured in a new, fully automated facility, they are cut to length, punched, formed and painted on a single line, producing substantial saving in materials and production time.

steel purlins

All purlins and girts are cold formed from high-strength steel to minimize weight while maximizing capacity. The steel conforms to the requirements of ASTM Standard A607 Grade 50, Steel Sheet and Strap, high-strength, Low Alloy Columbium or Vanadium, or both.

Standard Specifications – C shape Purlin

  • Length: 6/9/12 meters
  • Q235, Q235B
  • Accept Perforated
  • Surface Coating: galvanized, bare

You can download our e-catalogue of steel purlins for reference. Click here.

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