We alwalys discuss about which one is better between steel welded pipe and seamless steel pipe? To be honest, different pipes use in different areas, and that’s all, because you need to decide to choose which type of pipe for your project. Now we show some obvious advantages of welded steel pipe.


  • Welded pipe is typically more cost effective than their seamless equivalents.
  • Welded pipes are usually more readily available than seamless. The longer lead time required for seamless pipes can not only make timing problematic, but it also allows more time for the price of the materials to fluctuate.
  • The wall thickness of welded pipe is generally more consistent than that of seamless pipes.
  • The internal surface of welded tubes can be checked before manufacturing, which isn’t possible with seamless.

steel welded pipe

Standard Specifications & Grades – Welded Steel Pipe

Electric Resistance WeldingERW

  • Round, Square and Rectangualr hollow sections
  • Wall thickness – 1.0 mm-5.0 mm
  • Q235, Q235B
  • Surface Treatment: bare black painting, galvanized

Longitudinally Submerged Arc WeldingLSAW

  • 406 mm to 1420 mm diameter
  • Standard 8.0-12.0 meters length
  • Wall thickness 10 mm to 60 mm

Spirally Submerged Arc WeldingSSAW

  • 219 mm to 2620 mm diameter
  • Standard 12.0 meters length
  • Wall thickness 5.0 mm to 16.0 mm

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